Applying for the fire permit

Before applying for a fire permit, ensure the following:

•             Check with council for any RMA or Smoke Nuisence constraints in the area you intend to burn

•             Ensure the vegetation material you intend to burn is dry to encourage a clean burn

•             Clear at least 3 metres around the area to be burnt to stop the fire escaping.

•             Have a pressurised water supply on-hand or resources available to carry out the burn safely

•             Larger or more complex fires may require a Burn Plan; please contact us for details

Sample Burn Plan Template


Applying for the fire permit:

Contact Nelson Tasman Fire and Emergency New Zealand, either;

If you are a first time permit applicant, or the nature of your proposed fire has changed significantly since your last permitted fire, a Nelson Tasman Fire and Emergency NZ Officer will contact you and arrange a suitable time to meet for a site inspection of your proposed burn site.

Approved permits will be emailed to the applicant. No fires are to be lit until the applicant has received either the electronic PDF of the permit, or a hardcopy paper permit.


Carrying out the burn

  • Fires can only be undertaken during daylight hours

  • All fires must be supervised by an adult and not be left unattended at any time

  • Ensure the cleared area around the fire is clear of any flammable material

  • The permit holder must not light a fire in fire risk conditions will make it likely that the fire will spread beyond the limits of the location or property specified in the permit as the location of the fire

  • A pressurised water source capable of containing any fire spread must be available

  • Immediately before lighting a fire, the permit holder must make reasonable efforts to confirm that, in the location of the fire, no prohibition on the lighting of fires is in place; and no prohibited fire season is in place

  • Non-organic material should not be burnt or added to the fire

  • Every effort must be taken to ensure the fire is totally extinguished before leaving the site