Before Lighting Up - Check The Weather Forecast

You have your permit, the vegetation heap is ready to light up, just one more thing to check!

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Fire Permits FAQ's- Nelson Tasman

How long does a permit last?

If you apply online for a permit and provide an email address and mobile phone number,most permits are granted for a 12 month duration. Some more complex burn applications, or application in higher fire risk areas may only be granted for a shorter duration.

What happens during a fire ban?

When a prohibited fire season is declared, you will received a text message and an email stating your fire permit is suspended. When the fire ban is lifted, you will receive notification advising that your permit is valid once again. If your permit expiry date occurs during a suspended period, you will have to reapply for a permit.

What if I do not have email or a mobile phone?

If you stated you wanted your fire permit posted and have not provided a email and mobile number, your permit may be issued for a shorter duration. If a fire ban occurs, it is your responcibility to check before you light to determine the current fire season.