Properly preparing your home and community doesn’t guarantee that you will not incur fire damage but it does reduce the
risks. The 'Fire Smart Home Owners Manual' is a guide to reducing the risk of interface fires; for further information or assistance, contact Nelson Tasman Fire and Emergency NZ, our Rural Fire Officers will assist you in developing safer fire smart communities.

Fire Smart Home Owners Manual


Any fires you light, be it camp fires cooking fires, braziers, rubbish fires, controlled burns are your responsibility. You could be liable for costs associated with an escaped fire in a rural area. Make sure you have liability insurance, should your fire escape and cause damage.

What Insurance protection should I have to cover any potential losses and liabilities?

You need to consider:

  • Insurance of property for loss and replacement from fire.
  • For your house, household effects, other buildings, vehicles, plant and machinery, forests and crops.
  • Public Liability Insurance.
To cover the cost of damage and loss to a third party from anything (including fire) that escapes from your property and damages other party’s property.