Before Lighting Up - Check The Weather Forecast

You have your permit, the vegetation heap is ready to light up, just one more thing to check!

Fire indices for Nelson-Marlborough

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Extra Information for Permittee

Fire risk conditions
Fire risk conditions are defined in the interpretation section of the Fire and Emergency NZ Act 2017, as meaning “weather or other conditions that will, or are likely to, endanger persons or property by increasing the risk of the outbreak or spreading of fire”

Resource consents
This permit is not a resource consent to discharge smoke or other contaminants into the air. It does not exempt you from any obligations under section 15 of the Resource Management Act 1991 or council bylaws for which you may be prosecuted. If smoke from the fire is likely to create a smoke hazard, e.g. to traffic, aircraft, power lines, etc. the fire must not be lit.


If the fire escapes, and if it is safe to do so, try to extinguish it and immediately telephone 111.

Extreme fire danger
Fire permits are suspended if a fire ban or an order prohibiting open air fires is in place. During a period of extreme fire danger, check with the permit issuer on whether you may light a fire. If lighting a fire is essential for emergency purposes, e.g. for destroying diseased or dead stock, or combating the likely spread of introduced organisms, you will need a new fire permit from Fire and Emergency NZ.

Public Conservation Land

Any permit enquiries on Department of Conservation administered Public Conservation Land (PCL) should be directed to Nelson Tasman Fire and Emergency NZ.

This permit is not a legal defence against claims for damage caused by the fire. We advise you to have adequate fire insurance to cover any misadventures.

Is there a cost for a fire permit?

No, permits and advice on fires are free.
Nelson Tasman Fire and Emergency NZ staff are happy to discuss any fire related issues with you. We can do so over the phone, by email or you are welcome to drop into the office at 66 Oxford Street, Richmond for a chat about your fire needs.

How long does it take to get a fire permit?
We endeavour to issue your fire permits as promptly as possible. For new permit issues or renewals where a change of what or how you plan to burn has occurred since your last permit, a site visit by one of our Fire and Emergency NZ officers will be required before a permit can be granted.

How do I apply for a fire permit?
If you have any questions around lighting fires in the Nelson Tasman district, or require a fire permit please call Nelson Tasman Fire and Emergency NZ on 03 544 2441 or email us on

Alternatively, information pertaining to fire permits and general fire enquiries can also be found on the website.