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FireSmart - The Why, How and What..



Low Flamable Species Brochure


Defensible Space

Priority Zone 1 Create a non flammable zone around your house 1-2m wide.Rocks are good, bark is not. Create a defensible area or safe zone. Convert to lawn and or low flamable species. Remove lower branches of shrubs and trees, waste and combustible debris.

Priority Zone 2 Remove trees and scrub to allow the trees that remain to be evenly spaced so they don’t touch.

Priority Zone 3 Prune all large trees and remove all branches at least 2 metres from the ground. Thin sub-canopy trees, cut down dead or dying trees and remove overhanging branches that are close to power lines.

Ensure your driveway is accessible for a fire appliance
a minimum clearance of 4m wide,
4m high and adequate turning space

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Any fires you light, be it camp fires cooking fires, braziers, rubbish fires, controlled burns are your responsibility. You could be liable for costs associated with an escaped fire in a rural area. Make sure you have fire insurance including Forest and Rural Fires Act fire suppression cover.

Insurance cover :

  • Insurance of property for loss and replacement from fire
    For your home, household effects, other builders, vehicles, plant and machinery, forests and crops.
  • Public Liability Insurance
    To cover the cost of damage and loss to a third party from anything (including fire) that escapes from your property and damages other parties property.
  • Forest and Rural Fires Act fire suppression
    To cover the costs of fire suppression from a fire caused by you or started on your property. Cover is required under Section 43, 46 and 46a of the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977.