Rural Fire Network Ltd

Rural Fire Network Ltd was established in September 1998 to provide Fire Management Services to the Stakeholders of the Waimea Rural Fire Committee.

Waimea Rural Fire Committee Stakeholders include:
  • Nelson Forests Ltd
  • Hancock Forest Management
  • Tasman District Council
  • Nelson City Council
  • Department of Conservation
RFN manage the obligations of the WRFC and their responsibilities under The Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977, The Forest and Rural Fire Regulations 1979 and The Fire Service Act 1975. Key Personnel:
  • Ian Reade - Principal Rural Fire Officer
  • Nathan Freeman - Deputy Principal Rural Fire Officer
  • Doug Ashford - Deputy Principal Rural Fire Officer
  • Barry Walsh - Equipment Manager
  • Robin Thompson -  Zone Commander and DPRFO
  • Neil Gardiner - RFO Golden Bay
  • Leanne Cook - Business Manager
  • Trish Cook - Reception
  • Bella Clark - Administration
  • Erin Gower - Administration
  • Robbie Campbell, Mike Oliver - Lookout Attendants
Services Provided:    Risk – Readiness – Response – Recovery
  • Management of prescribed fire as a land management tool in the rural fire district through fire permit issue for all open air fires. 
  • Training the regions fire fighters and fire management teams. 
  • Managing the rural fire equipment resources including fire appliances, light vehicles, fire pumps, fire hose, fire tools and trailers.
  • Operating a seasonal fire lookout as a detection, monitoring and co-ordination tool for the fire district.
  • Attending fire events, managing and co-ordinating resources to ensure that effective and efficient control and restriction of fire is achieved.
  • Undertake mitigation planning to minimise the wildfire potential. 
  • Management and coordination of the regions voluntary rural fire forces.
  • Wildfire investigation.

Photo taken 2014
Rural Fire Network, Action Forest Management and Fraser Logging Bunch
who all share the offices at Oxford Street


The late George Duff receiving his Level Two Vegetation Fire National Certificate - July 2012
Pictured - Leanne, Trish, George and Laurelee


Fire Exercise Awaroa November 2013


Appleby Voluntary Rural Fire Force 25 year celebration


Voluntary Rural Fire Force external structure fire traring March 2014


The late Neil Eder - PRFO 2008-2011
Photo taken from the Richmond Hills